Thursday, May 30, 2013

Europa cinema in rendez vous with Moroccan Cinema in Bologna

By Allal El Alaoui ( via google)

MOROCCAN ASSOCIATION OF WORKERS IN ITALY ALMI in short, is a young, created by a group of Moroccan workers living in Bologna, and is a good model of Moroccan associations in Italy. By reason of this peculiarity and the fact that, unlike other, is an association concretely active, in spite of the lack of available funds.

Opera in volunteering as an expression of participation, solidarity and pluralism, mainly in favor of third parties for the exclusive pursuit of its goals of social solidarity, civic and cultural, non-profit organization.

Aims and objectives of the Association:

facilitate, in volunteer activities, the actual insertion and integration into the social fabric of immigrants in Italian society, especially of Moroccan origin, both from a social point of view, cultural work, in full respect of their needs, their rights, their cultural identities;
encourage broad multi-ethnic integration, promoting a culture of peace, solidarity and the environment antiracism for a new quality of urban life and carry out educational and entertainment in favor of Italian and foreign children;
promote, through its initiatives, coexistence and tolerance among citizens and exclude all forms of discrimination and intolerance.
measures to protect their social rights, health, education and training, work and any other cultural and political rights;
promotion of social integration processes and active citizenship, aimed also at encouraging the integration between the Italian and Moroccan families residing in the territory;
promote and implement international solidarity and development cooperation in favor of poor countries;
organize social interventions, cultural, recreational and sports initiatives aimed at the prevention of discomfort including through studies and scientific research;
conduct any other activity required to achieve the statutory purposes.
Headquarters: Intercultural Center M. Zonarelli via A. Lot 14, 40127 Bologna

Registered office: Via Luminasi, 18-40059 Medicina, Bologna

With the collaboration of

Kinodromo is the permanent project of Filmmakers Rainbow, open meeting of audiovisual professionals, to promote independent cinema, spontaneous and territory, through areas of vision new, enlarged, participatory, shared. In October 2012 Kinodromo has become a cultural association and from November 2012 collaborates with Seac Film Srl (Private company that manages the Circuito Cinema of Bologna) in the planning of the historic Cinema Europa Bologna. Objectives

ensure a quality cultural entertainment for citizenship;


Venerdì 24 Maggio 2013

Luogo: Palazzo Marescotti-Brazzetti, Dipartimento delle Arti, Via Barberia, 4,Bologna
Ore 16: Proiezione del film Ragazzi del sole di Allal El Allaoui (Marocco, 2011)
A seguire tavola rotonda: "Cinema marocchino, confini, orizzonti e futuro" partecipa:
Abdelrahim Aboualmawahib (SNRT- Société nationale de radiodiffusion et de télévision)
Allal Allaoui (regista)
- Hakim Bidaoui (regista)
- Ouissal Mejri (Università di Bologna)
- Naima Benhaddou (esperta di mediazione culturale)
- Coordina: Michele Fadda (Dipartimento delle Arti)
Luogo: Cinema Europa – Via Pietralata 55/A, 40100, Bologna.
20:30 Presentazione del festival
20:45 Il film "Ragazzo spazzatura"
Hakim Bidaoui 18 min
21:05 Il film "Il debito del mare"
Adil Tanani 15 min
21:20 Il film "Viltà corta"
Adil Elfadili 16 min
21:40 Discussione con il registra Hakim bidaoui e Adil Tanani
22:00 Il film "Si gira"
Mohamed Mounna 09 min
22:10 Il film "Valse avec Asmahane"
Samia Charkioui 20 min
22:40 Il film "Jézebel"
Amir Rouani 17 min
23:30 Fine della prima giornata

Sabato, 25 maggio 2013

Luogo: Cinema Europa – Via Pietralata 55/A, 40100, Bologna.
16:00 Presentazione dei film
16:15 Il film "Margella"
Omar Mouldouira 29 min
16:45 Il film "Il testamento"
Allal Elalaoui 18 min
17:05 Discussione con il regista Allal Elalaoui
17:30 Il film "Statuto"
Younes Reggab 16 min
17:46 Il film "Al nome del mio padre"
Abdelilah Zirat 16 min
18:05 Il film "Le onde del tempo"
Ali Benjeloun 19 min
18:30 Aperitivo
19:00 Il film "Quando dormono"
Myriam Touzani 17 min
19:20 Consegna dell'attestazione di merito ai sostenitori del festival
Adil Lasry Presidente dell’associazione Lavoratori marocchini in
20: 15 Lungometraggio "Majid"
Nassim Abassi 116 min
22:10 Chiusura del festival.