Saturday, May 11, 2013

Allal El Alaoui chosen as one of the referedum guys to choose 100 Arabs films in Dubai

Date 2013-05-10
Dear Allal El Alaoui

On the occasion of 10th edition of the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), which will be held Dec.6-14, 2013, we intend to select the best 100 films in the history of the Arab cinema. The films for the occasion will constitute different currents and directions to be considered the best until the present day. They will be documented in a dedicated film Encyclopedia in Arabic and English languages after selection through referendum by critics, filmmakers, industry professionals in addition to writers, novelists, academics and other cultural and literally figures associated with Arab cinema and its history from Arabs and non-Arabs.

Basing on your broad cinematic and cultural experience, you have been chosen to participate in the selection process. We are pleased to invite you to the panel of selecting the best 10 films. Please go through the following link, which will lead you to a dedicated page for you to vote and other relevant information: