Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Adil Lasry’s cultural cinematic project abondoned by Morrocan diplomats in Bologna and Rome ( Italy )

By Allal El Alaoui

 Adil lasry is a smart Moroccan guy, eager to show Moroccan culture via cinematic works in Bologna. He is now facing mechanical refusals by conspiratory mentality from the ministry of Al jaliya Maghrebia and also from diplomats who are uninterested to meet Adil and as mater of fact   ignore   Adil’s dream; that is to show to the Italians the true events of Moroccan artistry via movies.

Adil is spearheading an association in Bologna called AlMI and he intends to open the first Moroccan film Festival in Bologna this week the 24 th and 25th of may 2013.he has been around Italy facing rejects and refusal of Moroccan institutions there namely from Driss Rochdi the genral consulate of Bologna and Hassan Ayoub the ambassador of Kingdon of Morocco in Rome.

Fortunately Mr lasry  has only  succeeded to get moral and logistical support from SNRT and CCM which have recently signed with Adil Lasry conventions as to work for cultural and cinematic exchanges between Rabat and Bologna.By the way, The University of Bologna, known of its ancient teachings and knowledge, has taken the ball of fire from Adil just to realize Adil’s dream: that’s simply to present new looks of Moroccan thinking through television and cinema .