Thursday, March 21, 2013

My mother-My city premiered by Basamate next April

Bassamate is a cultural film festival whose the director is Abdellah Haimer, it  is inviting Arab short films including Moroccan ones.It will start on the 7 th of april 2013  and  introduces for the first time , a film documentary called “My mother – My city”  written and directed by Allal El Alaoui . My mother-My city is produced by Samia production and has no public nor private funding.

The  use of  the timeline and the development of methods of news reporting are the tools required for the realization of this documentary which claims to overwhelm viewers and moviegoers in a situation or burning life manifests itself in areas fervently  tackled social, economic, political and cultural of these two beautiful cities called Rabat and Salé.

Finally, subjects will be filmed and enriched monographily and will treat professional speakers, artists, film buffs mainly simple people who are transformed and become main speakers of this film and happily in these two cities extra-ordinary.