Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kenza friddou pop-art actress or forgotten playwright

Trained theatrically by Abdelmajid Fenniche in a millennium city called Salé;kenza still loves theatre and goes taking tremendous risks to meet simple Moroccan youth in Morocco.

This female called Kenza literary meaning treasure in Arabic, she moves benignly wears  Moroccan high class Kaftans  and puts  in her face human and warm smile that no other actress has .Her name is Kenza Friddou ,first script –girl in the history of Moroccan cinema; and she would love to play mysterious roles  like Aicha kandicha,Mi zhor , lady Macbeth , the smiling  lady at Douwar Micca in Salé and strange lady playing with Ahmed Tahcfine's movies,Shimi's adapted play  in Oujaa Trab, and the witch- dancer  in "The Will" by Allal El Alaoui"

Kenza Friddou is a popular lady who is a playwright, pop-art singer ,and good actress. She is keen to help in the sets of cinematic scenes where she performs her role with great honesty and devotion. She helps film makers and stage directors either in make –ups or script-techniques.kenza is now purchasing theatre-goers by making a tour around Moroccan towns ,villages and cities via her"Travelling theatre" Masrah Arrahal" from this sunday 16th of 2012.