Thursday, November 29, 2012

The world said big "YES" to the "state" of Palestine

 Yes, it is a sweet road to recognition that the Palestinians feel tonight when the whole world said yes to 
Palestine to create its own state with sovereignty

Only one country that unfortunately opposes UN recognition is The US and some countries that are under pressure of Obama administration. This certainly isolates United States and Israel .However, in the nearest future The U S A will learn to deal with Palestinians with dignity and sovereignty.

Palestinians deserve to have their state and Jerusalem its capital .Israel, being more isolated will have to go to negotiations with new rules especially if Palestine reunited under again.

Abou Jihad will be happy to hear this news and also other people  like Sheikh Yasssine, George Habach , Abu Nidal and more others.

Palestine and Israel will have to think one everlasting state governed by Palestinians and Israelis .Why not, this is a dream of many like Edward  Said and others .Occupation must vanish for ever and democracy prevails but not the democracy based on criminality that is practiced by Israelis .