Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Taher ALWAN awards Allal via Baghdad

                    Arrived by a handsome plane from Iraq to Rabat via France, the attestation of the jury prize which was given to Allal El Alaoui in Baghdad Film festival by handsome jury spearhead by Herbert Gehr- Producer: Germany, Oula izziden –Script writer & Professor: Egypt, Adnan schamat –Actor: Syria and Awatif Naiem – Theatre Director: Iraq.

                   The paper of Biff attestation reminds me of that firts good Chinese paper also used by Moroccan kings and queens and by diplomats resided inherently in our Sherifian capital.The attestation handed by Alwan is as beautiful as Iraq0

                                            The Jury Prize goes to:

                                                  “The Will” by Allal El Alaoui from Morocco

The Jury wants to specially mention The Will from Morocco as a film that tells an archaic story, from a filmmaker that has developed a strong aesthetic style