Monday, November 05, 2012

Mohamed Ismail awards Allal El Alaoui in Salé

 "Al Wassia" is an Arabic name literary means in English The will. It is a short film, drama genre, is well performed by a Sahara voice called Mohammed Achich whose nostalgic song echoes beautiful and golden dunes of Moroccan desert.

The will written and directed by Allal El Alaoui, an archaic story performed by professional actors and actresses, is continuously welcomed around the world and awarded by national short film festivals such as Salé short film festival whose jury headed by Mohamed Ismail nicely impressed by Allal's craft and also "the will"  will   be introduced to  international film festivals namely Baghdad Film festival  ( see the jury prize ) and soon Arab film festivals.

 Now it is going to be seen by Moroccan cinema – goers whose taste is great and they are impatient to discover this well constructed plot of "Al Wassia" already shot in Zagora, a beautiful town in the south of Morocco .The will is graciously   played by a passionate Sheikh betrayed by his wife and because he has a beautiful soul and he willingly tolerates his wife. So, Sheikh forgives her along with his cousin condemned to exile in deep Sahara because of his Attempt to commit Murder.