Thursday, June 14, 2012

The hoarsed cry of Allal El Alaoui ( Part 3 )

Yesterday, i went up to SNRT to see some of my colleagues and also to see if things become much better than it is now.Unforunately; things are still freezy and negative. People are shocked to see that some of SNRT bureaucrats known to be in French" Brats cassés" still invade their posts and command with total ignorance and illiteracy their workers . Some say that SNRT could become Tahrir square where film-makers, journalists and technicians express their agony and pain, others say that SNRT has already been a place of Moroccan identity revealing consciousness and awareness .SNRT- x - RTM becomes an important media institution where people find their dignity and one- self.

Weary with toil, I haste to Khalid Akdi to ask him about evolutions of the recent hoarsed cries of SNRT technicians, journalists and TV Directors.

Akdi: hello Allal.Nice to see you.

Allal: Nice to see u too.

Akdi: Well. I have seen your hoarsed cry. I think your cry has been truthful and honest. You know Allal; people still come to me suggesting burning themselves at SNRT square which is a reaction that I totally disagree. They want to YouTube videos to express their ugly situations.

Allal: I am not surprised about this fact. Ignorance still continues in SNRT.

Akdi: We have done sit-in and talked to the government officials to negotiate about our cause .Can't you remember?

Allal: Yes, I can.

Akdi: At this moment, we have not yet decided to do anything. We still gather our force to react and soon we will edit out our own opinion about these continuous demonstrations of SNRT workers. A notice will be hung soon.

Allal: my cry was meant to be more personnel and professional rather than anything else. It is true I am with dignity callers. My video release has come out right from my own house. That means my fight has no union or political agenda despite of my sympathisation of unionists .I feel so sorry that my manager has not fulfilled his promise to run an artistic program about painting what is more I have finished writing a Tele film, first road-movie ever produced in SNRT called " The forbidden Freedom".

Akdi:I know you as TV director and blogger. I usually follow your blog. I think you are serious and things will go in good direction for you hopefully. What I suggest to you is that you come next Monday to propose your ideas for our union and we shall see what we can do.