Thursday, May 17, 2012

"The Will" seen by Faima Bassour

"The Will" a poetic script written by Allal El Alaoui remains meaningful dealing with realistic elements that are similar to each other and obviously seduce cinematic audiences through out imagination and voyage into Sahara dunes, already undergone by characters of the films. These protagonists raise enigmatic questions about unity of time and space but sometimes leave questions to cinema audiences unanswered.

The crew of Al wasssia keeps to mention that the casting of the film is good especially it holds great actor, Ben Brahim along with Salah ben salah , Hind Dafer, Mohamed Bassou and Kenza Fridou .of course when I was casted by Allal El alaoui as Fatima Bassour proposed for Zahra, the film maker prefers to cast me through out my voice by telephone in the first place because Zahra must use her dramatic voice to reveal inner things that Allal would like to suggest to his viewers. Second, I meet Allal physically and I admit that our meeting was interesting and

As a result of reading between the lines of the script proposed by the author-director, it seems that it is about some nomads living in Sahara. Nomads drink milk, eat dates but no meat. What strikes most of these nomads is that they write poetry all the time and they never run quickly like us only if there is hard tempest or rough winds.

Allal el Alaoui, already directed "Children Of The sun" reveals today mystery of dunes in Sahara through brilliant performances of actresses and actors, also via their commitment of good acting .Allal dislikes over acting and he rather would see you playing your role easily, using your inner energy, your imagination and your collaborated vision, a Stanislavski technique.

The most interesting moment i have had in this short story is that when i was buried in the sand of an immense dune, i can see all faces of our crew along with actors and actresses .Then, i come to conclusion that the part of Zahra is not as easy as it looks but rather a symbolic role that reveals strength and insistence to live in Sahara and defies all forms of weakness and cowardice like fear and pain.

Translated by Allal El Alaoui