Sunday, May 06, 2012

Road to Kabul by Brahim CHKIRI

Brahim Ckiri's cinema deals with entertainment rather than culure.It is indeed good stuff, because Morocco cinema needs this kind of entertainment which is somehow similar to the policy of Hollywood doings.

I know Brahim chkiri .we can not say that he is a Réalisateur-Fini, but I would rather say , because of his first touch of film making, Brahim has amazing visions on seven arts and that his creative side goes to make his audience happy and entertained.

Brahim starts his professional cinema as stunts man, FX technician on international films and now he is doing movies by himself .I think it is a great job that young cinemagoers promote themselves by making continuous efforts to reach the top .What we can do is only encourage Brahim especially he tackles hot subject of Afghanistan boys, already named cinematically' Road to Kabul'.