Monday, May 28, 2012

The hoarsed cry of Allal El Alaoui

Time has come to cry out to get our dignity back in SNRT; states Allal El Alaoui.Allal is a Film director and blogger.He has dispatched a video through out facebook where he explains pain and mal-treatment suffered by employees at the national television in Morocco. He continues to say that there is no moral and financial encouragement to grace those who work honestly and those who have creative spirits.

Today, SNRT reflects movement of deep consciousness and awareness of simple citizens besides, manifestions against rise of living, dignity and the rights of work are omnipresent, already nailed on national streets of Morocco.

Amnesty international has launched reports about torture in Morocco practiced on political prisoner’s and it is no doubt this London agency have visited SNRT employees who are tortured intellectually and physically by Dar el Bihi bureaucrats. Some say that Amnesty international has implicitly referred its reports on bad treatments of people working in media institutions just like Dar El Brihi. The state of the national TV is at stake, states Allal El Alaoui .Technicians and journalists hardly trudge along to finish their month because their salary is critically insufficient and does not cover the Moroccan way of living. Only God knows when to end this tragedy of media reforms which seem to be long and attacked by conspirated mentalities.

Too many media men and women unfortunately want to go to other countries just like Captain Adlib who has already thrown his Moroccan identity card to the state and gone for ever to Germany to live another life.

Written by Ali Karama