Friday, May 25, 2012

62 harassments against Houriya Boutayeb

SNRT bureaucrats have harassed Houriya by applying the code of hearing number 62.Just like Guatanamo bay military prison ;Boutayeb will have to sit down in front some administrative in order to retell her story which consists of clarifying critical situations that go through SNRT TV men and women. I admit that her story is truthful and interesting to watch because her confessions come not only from an honest heart but it also talks about lack of dignity and justice that should immediately come back to SNRT journalists and technicians, states Houriya Boutayeb.

Houriya is a strong Arabic name that will certainly be remembered at the halls of SNRT and it also means in Arabic freedom. This is exactly what Moroccans especially journalists fight for. Freedom by all means is keenly wanted in Moroccan media in order to tackle touchy and forbidden subjects in Morocco. Freedom to write, freedom to express through drama and freedom to speak .Speaking out, crying out like hell, screaming loudly these items become daily and symbolic in a tiring country of 21 century called Morocco.

Houriya Boutayeb comes from the north of Morocco,a peaceful town called Tetouan which was once pioneer of making fierce Intifadas against Spanish colonization – see the reform party spearhead By Abdelkhalek Torris .This town is also known to be near Europe, a fruitful tree that produces Arab - Andalusian girls just like our Heroine whose latest video reveals true suffering of SNRT technicians and journalists .Houriya continues to impress the world because she speaks Spanish Arabic, French and English. She amazes Spanish viewers with her beauty, her wit and great talent in scooping magical Moroccan beauty and chronicles about hard living of citizens.

َ Allal El Alaoui