Monday, April 25, 2011

A message to Mawazine 2011 participants

Morocco just loves music .It is no doubt of this feeling .However, Morocco has no oil nor money to feed million and million of its abandoned children right in the far mountains .It is true Morocco has large seas and phosphate . But these elements are not really exploited by people. Therefore, people of Morocco ask international artists such as Skakira, Youssef Islam,Amrou Diab , Miada El Hannaoui , Joe cooker, More Kante,kanye west,lionel Richie,Ivan Pica , Yves Larock sugababes,fares Karam; Hussain EL hasmi Salif Kaita Youssou Ndour not to participate in this event of Mawazine 2011and announce this news on CNN or on Al jazeera.People of Morocco will be happy about this scoop of yours.

Surely in your country; you have poor people who are in need of hospitalization and education .We need your support by staying in your country and not to participate in Mawazine . You will then save lives and your art or piece of music will be sung every moment. Please; consider our message to you because we only Moroccans whom we love music but we love our country and certainly our country is in need of us as it is in need of your support.