Monday, April 18, 2011

Le commandement d'Allal El Alaoui

SNRT will have the privilledge to produce another short-movie written and directed by Allal El Alaoui who ; after having a achieved a successful piece of work called "Aouled Achams" ; he no is thinking to direct another work in the south of Morocco where it is believed that There are some interesting cast participating willingly at this production designed by Abdellatif laghouili whose great devotion to artistic works.

ابن ابراهيم
ناصر اوجري
عمر الموفـق
حنان ابراهيمي
السعدية لديب
امال عيوش
عـزيـز العلـوي
حسن الطاهري
صلاح بنصلاح
اسماء الحضرمي
هشام الولي
تاج الدين ياسير
هشام بريبطة
صفية الزياني