Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Said Azar brings mysterious wind to cinema" Samt Rih"

Said Azar enters the world of cinema. Written by Abdellah Damoun, he himself has tweaked the script for his first work produced by the SNRT (RTM) and whose budget is in the order of 900,000 dirhams ¹.

Embodied by a host of talented actors ¹ "Samt arrih" tells the story of a small village where people are immortal.

This is science fiction, pure and simple. It is full inside. Time stops in a village. The inhabitants are all reduced to immortality. By the happiest of coincidences, a daughter (Sanaa Akroud) arrives. Once the origin of this curse discovered and the secret hole, it will only frustrate the. "It's a universal story that is nowhere," says the director. He added: "The idea is original. She questioned me a lot. And to embellish even more, I reworked the script and I removed all the real elements namely time and space to put the spotlight on human value of this fiction. "

Alongside the actress Sanaâ Akroud whose profile matches perfectly with the role and whose talent is undeniable, there will Hicham Bahloul, Raouia, Mohamed Mehdi Wazzani, Lmesnaoui Abdou, Mohamed El Yazidi, Khouloud and others.

The shooting took place ¹ s in the northern mountains, between Tetouan and Fnideq, in a village called "Wad lil '. This choice is not fortuitous n ¹, says the director. According to him, "this village has all the ingredients necessary to make this movie. Especially because during filming, there was very windy and it was necessary to make the unreal life and give this village a legendary vision in accordance with the idea of the film. There is also a beautiful and unique landscape. All of which have amplified the magical effect of making of this film. "

Although this | representative works his first film, Said Azar, is not his first attempt. He has already recorded some work with SICTOM "Sir Hta tji.

He moreover directed several television shows including "Al mafatih Assab" on TVM, the famous program "The Traveler" and "al-Hada massa'e" among others.

Said studied film. The film world is not it, therefore, not abroad.

One of the founders of the video clip in Morocco has forged his experience directing music videos namely "Houriya", "Lan ansa" Youness Megri, video clip of the song "Gadan" Soumia Abdelaziz. The film "The Silence of the Wind" is that ¹ culmination of his film career. For him, "was a dream that I am stubborn to realize. There are twenty years I wanted to do. Initially, it was not possible. Now I managed to make it happen. "

This determination does not prevent ¹ s to be aware that the path is riddled with pitfalls ¹. "I think my place is in the cinema. The road will it be easy or not? I don ¹ t know. This will be defined by several elements. Must await the public reaction and others to judge, "he says wisel