Thursday, January 27, 2011

Black Pearl of Morocco,Larabi Ben Barek by Driss el Mrini

The director Idriss El Marini monitors cinematically the path of a football legend of Morocco and the Arab world late Haj Larabi Benbarek, which featured much of the tender, suffering and selflessness.

Driss as a director tries to reveal a journey of a Black Pearl (1917 / 1992), from the thirties to the fifties of the last century, the stage where Larabi Benbarek wrote his name in golden letters in the history of world football.

He was behind the completion of this work, the director says Marini, fascinated by his character, "Black Pearl" and the moral and determination, strong determination of Sisyphus to succeed, hewed patiently international fame and became of the finest football players and biggest names that have taken root in the collective memory. The objective behind this work, completed much of love and nostalgia, says El Marini told MAP on the sidelines of the paragraphs of the National Festival for the film in Tangiers , "Fighting forgetfulness, apathy and consolidate a culture of recognition of the Moroccan genius."