Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Hicham El Ouali’s visions on Moroccan cinema.

Hisham is fond of theatre bu the sees in Morocco somme brilliant beam of true continuity.He has a part in Allal El Alaoui’s Oualed Achams which he deeply appreciates his style of work.

"I'm optimistic, I believe deeply that Moroccan cinema will grow and he will see more success in the years to come. The industry keeps moving despite its glitches. It is currently 15 productions a year, which is good for us. "Hassan told us enthusiastically. Moroccan cinema and could not manage to stand out without the players who show great talent. They are among the veterans of the scene or young talents, some of our actors bring with them the great responsibility which is to provide a boost to the film and help develop this sector. Hisham tells us about the relationship between the new and the old generation "The major players are the basis for us. They are the ones who fought to establish the first "laws" of this area. When we started, everything was already prepared with them. They had to fight to achieve what they have. We try to keep in touch with them and learn as much from them.

Hicham is on all fronts and is actively working. Tell us about your new products? There are plenty indeed. For movies, I am currently preparing a feature film with Mohamed Kaghat (to whom we owe the fantasy series "The other dimension"). I also play in the téléfillm "Beach Boys" of Reggab Younis and in "Riad al-Maati" Driss Drissi. Side of the theater, we go on the tour of the play "Dar Al Ghalia" of Abdessamad Dinia. In addition, I soon began filming a new series signed Hassan El Joundi.

You're now in cinema, theatre and television (films and animations) ... What is the artistic genre you love most?

I love them all with the same degree because I do it with love and passion. In fact, I am involved body, heart and soul into everything I do: film, television, theater or even animation. But if I must make a choice when two jobs available to me, I prefer the theatre. Is not the father of the arts? I love the theatre and I think it is essential for an actor. I always renew the link with the boards, direct contact with the public and the emotions that it brings are unique to theatre. This said, cinema and television magic us into people's homes, it becomes another family member.

In addition to the small and big screens and theatre, Hicham El Ouali is a regular radio novels or radio series. Tell us about that experience?

In fact, I'm addicted to the radio series, I try to do regularly. Let's say that on average two a year I'm in my schedule. This kind, even if it seems outdated, has its audience. I meet people who listen to me and even follow me into the radio, especially my family and my neighbors. It's surprising that people recognize the voice without a face, it's another way of playing and it's especially rewarding experience as the casting is often a mix between the older generation, young and new players confirmed talents as students ISADAC.

I hope the young audience will focus. Is it easy for you to impose your style while knowing that you are the brother of a certain Rachid El Ouali?

Let me tell you it is not easy at first to trace its path in this field. It takes hard work, patience and perseverance to make his name and win the trust and respect of the public. Since I started, you can not stop comparing myself with Rashid. But what people are struggling to understand is that we are very different from one another. Personally, I try to see through the choice of roles, I often played the villain, the villain of the story, I played a "rapist", a drug dealer ... while Rachid embodies the kind of roles , good ... each of us has his style, his charisma.

What is the role that you dream of playing?

There is not one but many. Of all the characters I played, I preferred the one in "Abderrahman Belmajdoub. I like historical films. And if I ever get the chance to portray a historical figure, I will like it either Abdelkrim Khattabi.

why not ... You are at the origin of the short film festival in Rabat. Tell us about this festival?

It is a festival held at the Institute of Applied Engineering in Rabat, he is already in its seventh edition. This event is a new way to bring the public closer to the movies, especially the genre of short film which is not widely promoted among the wider public. During one week, the public is led to see short films, meet filmmakers and actors and pay tribute to a great artist. What characterizes this festival is that students and young people involved in everything from site preparation, scheduling, logistics, entertainment .. It is good that young people are introduced to the management of cultural thing.