Friday, October 22, 2010

Mohammed Ben Brahim in Aouled Achams by Allal El Alaoui

When we cite Humorist Mohammed Ben Brahim, we cite love of theatrical work, including his harbour of voluntary and self-denial.. Mohammed Ben Brahim Rights First and foremost, tender in his humanity and devotion to the work of the playwright, the artist associated with this technical field since 1965 with the task of Abdel-Azim Shinawi, followed movements in several teams, I recall, for example, but not limited .. Task generation riser.. Theatre smiling.. And band-Badawi, then the Task Altssouli,

Ben Brahim was known of his country side comic roles in nature and brings a bit much, after giving the most in each performance technical interfaces to all But parallel with the carrying worries and problems. Mohammed Ben Brahim has played many tragedies, like many of his colleagues who have devastated the age for art in this country, and recalled that during his career moved from the field of humour ( see cliché acting) to the serious stage, where the diagnosis of the roles of classical and poetic as. Shakespeare, Moliere, .He has shown great art in Noureddine Lakhmari’s Casanegra as a furious Mafioso and now he is invited by Allal El Alaoui to play a leading firm and stubborn character whom Ben Brahim is delighted to work.

Mohammed Ben Brahim is surely a great actor .He always chooses solid work either in television or cinema. These are stretched to him in all his dreams and his feelings, even though he knew it would gain nothing from the passion behind this, but thorns, fatigue, pain and anguish.

Siham El Alaoui