Monday, August 02, 2010

Good screenwriting relives Hollywood .

Cinema-goers around the world feel good these days as far as Hollywood movies are concerned especially if we talk about The Book Of Eli .Of, course ,many people agree this movies, written Gary Whitta is not only a tremendous success for the screenwriter himself,but it is to the system of studios ,that is obviously Hollywood.

No doubt , Denzel Washington is a brilliant actor, also a producer and too much ink has been poured about his talent as an actor .But what concerns us is Gary Whitta.His journalistic background his passion to video games his devotion to cinema writing all these elements reflect the good work of realization of his movies .In the Book Of Eli ;battle scenes are well mastered by 3D computer tricks and cinematography is well fabricated; all scenes are shot in New Mexico reflecting a nice etalonage ; almost colored black and white suggesting very hellish heat .I advise all cinema goers to go to see the Book Of Eli starring Denzel Washington ,directed by The Hughes brothers and written Gary Whitta.