Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The world is divided into two under the poltical change of Barack Obama

When Saddam Hussain commited crimes in Irak, U S invades his country for the sake of democrasy and eveybody talks about it even fish in the sea.But,wait a minute .what kind of democracy is this knowing that Israel has murdered about thirty nations in the Mediterranean Sea and the rest of the world is silent .Barack Obama says he is sorry and so is « Great Britain».Where is freedom and democracy ? is it hijacked by Aipac or is international law remote-controlled in Tel avif ? As we said before ;this is not only the double standard practised towards Palestinians,but this is a faked « democracy » of the 21st century unfortunately based on criminality and hypocrisy.

Barack Obama has promised change in the middle east and in the world.Indeed,the only country that benefits from change is Israel ; it becomes more monstrous and a country of piracy and murder. That is to say ;Israel can go everywhere even in the sea and kill and slaughter innocent people.what kind of change is this ?