Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hakim Baidaoui’s Seagulls.

SNRT "cahiers de charge" is active this year 2010 ,the fact that that now television encourages directors to produce short and long features films.

Hakim Baidaoui has got his gift to direct his short movie called Seagulls written by said Mrini.
Seagulls is a story about a poor family whose protagonist isa mother who apparently dreams to immigrate illegally to Europe without thinking of her sons. As matter of fact,the mother has to sell her house and eventually leave her two sons abandoned and homeless to face hard life.

Hakim Baidaoui’s has started his career as a cameraman working with professional technicians as Souhail Ben Marka ,Rashid Baya and Driss Mrini.He has learned a lot from his TV series called Moudawala which he thinks that it has been like a lantern path to light his drama works.