Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hakim Baidaoui’s Seagulls.

SNRT "cahiers de charge" is active this year 2010 ,the fact that that now television encourages directors to produce short and long features films.

Hakim Baidaoui has got his gift to direct his short movie called Seagulls written by said Mrini.
Seagulls is a story about a poor family whose protagonist isa mother who apparently dreams to immigrate illegally to Europe without thinking of her sons. As matter of fact,the mother has to sell her house and eventually leave her two sons abandoned and homeless to face hard life.

Hakim Baidaoui’s has started his career as a cameraman working with professional technicians as Souhail Ben Marka ,Rashid Baya and Driss Mrini.He has learned a lot from his TV series called Moudawala which he thinks that it has been like a lantern path to light his drama works.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

“La Beauté éparpillée “ by Lahsen Zinoune

Scattered Flower literally means in French “La Beauté éparpillée “ shot in 2007 and directed by Lahsen Zinoune;a dancer and choreographer who has practiced his dancing in Ballet royal de Wallonie in France .Lahsen is a passionate artist whose interest goes to rhythm; music and tempo and these elements are reflected in his movie knowing that Lahsen has worked as a choreographer with Martin Scorsese and Bertolluci.
Moroccan cinematography should be proud to have in its library this film of great intimate feelings, emotions and love.

La” Beauté éparpillée” derives from a true story of a salve woman who has worked at the Glaoui Palace in Marrakech, unfortunately bought to notable man called Tazi in Rabat. So, this salve is called Scattered Flower a passionate woman who desires music and is called to play for lords and Moroccan Bourgeois to touch their intimate souls through lute and its sounds of Nobats.

The scene is open by a wide angle revealing a bandit who buys slaves in Sahara played nicely by Mohammed Afifi.The density of scenery is too bright as it continues to show that Scattered Flower and other slaves live in dark places whereas the master is in the bright places .This master,Mohammed Meftah, plays himself the lute backed by our great musician Said Chraibi (see the picture above).The master falls in love with the Scattered Flower, sleeps with her very often, the slave gets pregnant ,but he can’t make her loose, because he is possessive and egoist . This fact makes him feel disabled to live without her especially when the slave is forced to abort her baby. She becomes then an inaccessible soul especially to the master who agrees to send her to a psychological hospital because she is so sick and as a result the master himself falls down and is damaged by his decision. The salve is finally liberated and the Palace of the master is ruined.

Lasen makes an intelligent movie for Moroccan cinephilia and that is for sured.Mohammed Chokri, a critic states that Scattered Flower is a great movie mingled beautifyyly with esthetic and poitic craft .Lahsen’s use of colors ncemara composition ,cinematography and costumes makes us again ready to turn to go to movie- theatres .

Allal El Alaoui


Monday, March 01, 2010

Ourzaziwood extra hero : Naceur Oujri

A Pinoy Blogger

in our cinematic visit to Ourzaziwood, we were lucky to meet one of the famous Extra / actor in Morocco ;Naceur Oujri.He is born in Ouarzazate and loves so much movies.His entire family in Ourzazate is cinephile and have joined him in his artistic carreer to work in many national and international films as extra-actors and actresses .We are expecting from him to send us his professional life to be blogged soon.

In particular via possible gifts of the productions audio-visual or cinematographic of the world which will come to turn in our beautiful area, we wish to rebuild our cinema. To constitute a cinematographic inheritance. There exists indeed! We wish to diffuse with the inhabitants of Ouarzazate the whole of the films which were made since 1939. To be done, we will have to restore our old cinema, to constitute a video library, purchase of armchair for the spectators, acquisition of a projector and related material. Furniture of filing. Help us to build this culture cinema. Thank you.Naceur Oujri.

For those who are interested to contact Naceur Oujri here is email :

website : www.marocmovies.org

National media Tv jobs

It is believed that SNRT officials are thinking to buy mini-skater supposed to be a soft moving little machine that would help out SNRT technicians to have better quality in movement and picture positions