Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SNRT and CCM "autorisations" are unsufficient to shoot in Morocco.

Didier Ouannoughi has come to Morocco with a brilliant french team shooting a 52 length film documentary about Morocco called “Destination Maroc”. Didier is working as the first assistant-director with Denis Dommel and Mohamed Alaoui backed by a SNRT professional team such as Rabia tv cameraman ; Taib Rguib and Al Oula AD; Allal El Alaoui.

Didier is willing to come to Morocco again because he likes cinema projects,the warmth of Moroccan people especially local media guys .Shooting in Morocco with SNRT and CCM autorizations Dieir states, is adorable because it makes things easier,but sometimes you are not allowed to shoot even if you have these kind of media permits which is a thing that Didier would like to convey to Moroccan authority and media responsibles .
Allal El Alaoui

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