Sunday, February 14, 2010

France 5 speaks Moroccan this coming June.

The Moroccan dream is not to be achieved in Ouarzaziwood, but to see it within Morocco itself; more glimmering and beautiful. This dream is going to be translated through a 52 film documentary titled “Destination Maroc” directed by Demis Domel and his magical crew belonging to Electron Libre Production whose co-ordinator is Mohamed Alaoui, There are two Moroccan SNRT professional technicians joining the French team,Allal El Alaoui and Tayeb Rguib.

In fact, SNRT and France 5 has agreed to work on this idea in order to diffuse it in France 5 this coming June/ July, 2 million spectators are expecting to watch this film documentary whereas national television in Morocco, 6 or 8 million people are going to dream within beautiful images that Demis Domel has made throughout his mere challenge to achieve high technique and artistry.

The idea of this film documentary is to convey to the world that Morocco is original, developing and beautiful especially knowing that it has taken its challenge from its traditional roots hoping to come to a perfect state ;indeed talking about a state totally merged into tradition and modernity.

Throughout the trip, a mini-bus driven by a moustached guy named Abderrahim, trudges along through difficult mountains of Ouarzazate and continues to lurk within sherifian cities such as Marrakech ,Chefchaouen,Tangiers,Rabat ,Casablanca and Agadir. Although the voyage was a little different for Perrine, an editorial journalist, she states each time the climate changes from cold to warm that It is wonderful and magical and Moroccans must be lucky to live in this beautiful land already admired by Nansel Mandela, Paul Bowls ; Mao Tsi Tong and Churchill.

No doubt, the impact of magical Morocco is great on famous painters such as Delacroix, Matisse and Mohamed Charkaoui who were amazingly inspired by the warmth of color found not only in Kasbahs , ramparts but also within behaviour of local people revealing both heat and beauty .This fact of course interests many film-makers and producers to install in Morocco huge studios to make movies like The Gladiator and Lawrence of Arabia .

Allal EL Alaoui