Monday, December 07, 2009

Xenophobia in 2012,a movie by Roland Emmerich

Hollywood is not producing intelligent cinema .That is for sure.2012 is an American movie directed by Roland Emmerich that talks about the end of the world through collapsing buildings, jumping flaming cars, planes falling down and huge waves destroying Titanic like ships .Surely, the acting was not at all convincing but to tell you the truth the images made by soft wares are tremendously brilliant.

2012 starts its first scene somewhere in India .Earth is confirmed to be soon destroyed and this news is announced by some Indian and American geologists .Hollywood knows the reason why to involve into India, may be 2012 producer is afraid of Bollywood to remake much better movie than his .Yes, it is true that 2012 is meant only to entertain us, but please start to entertain us intelligently.

Arab Cinemagoers become aware of bad movies such as the one we are talking about and may soon there will a major boycott of Hollywood movies , because simply Hollywood is racist;anti Arab,anti women,anti humanity but pro Jewish who like The independent days movie find the last solution to kill the bad guys and you know who are the bad guys.

Please, look at this poetic image of the Hero standing up in the middle of the poster facing a huge wave to come.Well, Jewish producers remind us of The Ten commandments ‘ the beloved Moses splitting the sea via the Almighty power. But what strikes me most is that “2012 humanity” includes only Americans some Asian People and European Union, however third world people are totally ignored .Is 2012 trying to convey to us that third world people are persona non grata even during the end of the world and the apocalypse time or is it only a deliberately artistic error just to say that we people of the north are the ones who might survive?

Allal El Alaoui

P.S : I am not anti -jews but i am with objective and lucid ideas