Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Outrageous SNRT employees cry against cut salaries

There is something fishy in the halls of SNRT,states a CDT militant whose voice becomes horse today as thounsands of Outrageous SNRT employees stand right at the main entrance of Moroccan national television protesting agaisnt fiscal frauds believed to be practised in the heart of SNRT administration.

Just before several hours of the new year 2010;nearly one thounsand of SNRT employees stand hand in hand crying like hell because somebody has cut out , without mercy, half of their salaries.CDT has organised today's meeting as to protest against the slow and unsignificant behaviour of SNRT bureacrats.

Poeple are hurt of this happening especially they say ,thanks to this annual salary ,they take their kids away for fun and some entertainement .During the protest,some women burst into tears while others prefer to whistle using thier mouths just to show the successful solidarity of SNRT employees.SNRT has finally agreed to solve the problem by returning the usual and full salaries to its owners and promised not to repeat this error again.However, too many people prefer to create a commity to investigate on this fraud ,while others angrilly prefer to write a draft report to the king of Morocco begging his majesty to interfere for the sake and the interest of the employees.