Friday, December 25, 2009

Moroccan engineer Marches to Gaza from Rabat.

A Moroccan engineer has bravely boycotted Israeli training courses to be given at Sofrecom Maroc and Sofrecom Services in Rabat,the capital of Morocco. The engineer was immediately fired because he refused to work with zionists who slaughtered million of women and children in Gaza last year.

This case of this engineer is controvercial now in Morocco as the civil society is moving to cry out for the sake of practicing Moroccan law by this french firm named Sofrecom found in Agadal in Rabat.It could be another political crisis like the one of Aminato Hayder,a freelancer states.

The Freedom March has the participation of many noteworthy people, including author Alice Walker, Syrian actor and director Duraid Lahham, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, and French rap group MAP, amongst others.Amongst the participants is 84-year old Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstien.