Monday, November 30, 2009

The last word belongs to Mehdi Ben Barka.

France and Morocco are responsible of kidnapping Mehdi Ben Barka.The fifth republic of France is explicitly responsible of rendering Morocco as it has become today. Too many poors, too many debts, injustice everywhere and infrastructure of Morocco is considerably fragile. Today, Morocco has no political opposition at all apart from independent press which is ferociously attacked by the authority.

Mehdi Ben Barka was kidnapped in France in 29th of October 1965 in Paris. Too many countries are involved of this shameful killing namely Israel, The United States of America, France and obviously Morocco. Mehdi was about to organise the three continents summit called Ospaal which is an organization of Solidarity of the People of Asia, Africa & Latin America .The meeting was about to be scheduled in Cuba .Those countries involved of kidnapping Mehdi were too much worried about the happening of the Ospaal summit because they know that the conception of colonizing poor countries are about to vanish.

The family of Mehdi Ben Barka, Moroccan people and the free world are still waiting to know the truth. CIA, Mossad and DST are still hiding secret documents about this political slaughter of this third world leader knowing that local and international political parties are using Omertà law about this affair. Ben barka was called proudly Mister President and the dynamo of Morcco,because he not only presided the party of independence and later it had become Union of popular and social party ,but he has also political visions to avoid third world countries from injustice ,colonization and dictatorship.

Allal El Alaoui