Friday, September 04, 2009

Waiting for Mogador by Taib Sadiki.

Waiting for Taib Sadiki to come back on stage seems to be like talking about the ghost of Godot himself to come again . Waiting for Godot is a powerful play written by Samuel Beckett, very known to theatre-goers. Theatre in Morocco is in pain not because Taib has become old crying through mainstream to build up his independent 3000 squared theatre called Mogador, situated in a handsome place in Casablanca, but because nowadays theatre in Morocco produces only mediocrity and rubbish ness.

During the sixties, there had been some attempts to create a serious theatre encouraged by enthusiastic and independent Moroccan government. .Mohammed Afifi played Hamlet and some Molière plays had been translated to Moroccan dialect .Names emerged in the mainstream like El Arabi Doughmi ;Touria Jebrane,Taib El Alej and mentioning of course Abdelkrim Berrechid ;Kenfaoui and Taib Sadiki ,unforgettable play writers. Now a contemporary theatre school exists in Rabat for the first time, unfortunately theatre remains marginalised and tabooed.

Some scholars try to pay homage to Taib Sadiki referring only to fulfil his dream which is to build up that independent theatre, Mogador .No doubt Taib’s voice is well heard through Moroccan civil society, but still our man can not complete his project. Sadiki has also influence in the Arab world, France and even Israel whose president was once invited to Taib Sadiki’s Casablanca home, but still Mogador remains unfulfilled, a damned artistic project overthrown in a cold place somewhere in Ghandi Street. Taib is aware of The Globe , a Shakespearean theatre built up recently in London .if you happen to visit Taib’s Mogador, you will see an open to sky arena,a Greek designed semi stage digged modestly by modest hands and surrounded by old wardrobes and shabby ateliers decorated of Said Sadiki portraits just to memorise a brother who was one a poet and a close cultural reference to Taib Sadiki.

Allal El Alaoui