Saturday, July 25, 2009

SNRT pays Homage to Abdessalem Kachan

Arabic music is spread all over the world now .Thanks to Ray Music originally coming from Algeria and supported by a fervent military soldier ,a lieutenant who sympathizes with the cause of the damned and oppressed youth of North Africa.

Ever since music magnificently has existed in the world, Mediterranean people are really fascinated with it either in their death ceremonies or during happy moments.Arabs,mainly Zeriab has played a good role to spread music in Europe, which was the old world in the past.

Morocco is a popular kingdom whose people loves music very well .Moroccan classical music is a bourgeoisie genre created by Andalusia Arabs called Andalusia music whereas El Malhoun is written by bohemian and sofi poets.

No Doubt, Morocco artists are influenced by these kinds of waves including international flavour of Mozart and Wagner. Among Moroccan Maestro whose craft is very well known in MOROCCO is Abdessalem Khachan, a respected national composer and very loved by former king of Morocco Hassan Second. He is a descend man known of his great knowledge of music and its terminology.SNRT pays homage to this Maestro by calling major music composers and national artists.

Allal El Alaoui

Abdessalem Khachan