Saturday, June 13, 2009

Azazil by Youssef Zeidan,a delicious novel for future cinema.

Youssef Zeidan is an Egyptian writer, whose faith is Islamic.But, he happens to write a great novel based on truthful events about Christianity and its orthodoxy. His novel called « Azazil » literary meaning the Devil, awarded internationally this year 2009, talks about an Egyptian priest who travels from his native land to Jerusalem and else where in order to meet other priests to talk about theology; Jesus and his birth as a man but not as a God .This work signed by Youssef Zeidan makes controversial debates in the church of the Orthodox in Egypt and also in Rome.

There are great movies based on novels that talk about the church still make hot controversy around the world namely “I love cinema”, “Davinci Code”; “Il Nome Della Rosa” and of course our interesting book “Azazil” which is a delicious book to devour, because Youssef Zeidan, within his highly poetic and beautiful style of writing, succeeds to seduce his reader not to put his book away.

Allal El Alaoui