Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Remoune Treaty", the Reunion of Al Maghreb Al Kabeer in Oujda.

< We call it “Remoun Treaty» because it is symbolic and ideal may be to unite all Maghreb countries into one .Why Remoun? In fact, Ahmed Remoun is an artist of the ninetieth century who has lived in Oujda; a northern east town of Morocco whose borders are with Algeria. His grand -son, Abdelkader Remoun called proudly by Algerian intellectuals, Romaman, is still fighting in Italy for a better life that people of Maghreb Al kabeer should have and enjoy like all other countries. Primer things urgently scheduled to the people are democracy, justice and of course no more coercive governance.

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In 1896, Mhammed Remoune wrote a classic song, genre El Malhoun mingled with beautiful “Kwafi” verses called Kanouna.Already aired on SNRT ex-RTM in 1983,this song was praised by Moroccan and Algerian tv spectators.Some intellectuals just like our honorable fatima Mernissi asked media to redifuse this song in which Ahmed Remoun described magnificently the beauty of women .Eventually this song is about a man whose sacred heart falls in love with a woman who walks graciously in an Andalusia garden found may be in Oujda.

Oujda was once thought to be the capital of Al Maghreb Al Kabeer by Moroccan and Algerian nationalists. Indeed this city has not stopped to deliver resistants, intellectuals and nationalists for both countries Morocco and Algeria. In fact,North-African people has not forgot the distinguished nationalists called Group of Oujda, born in Morocco naming for example Abdelhafid Boussouf, Houari Boumediène, Bouteflika and Ben Bella and more. They have not also forgot Abdelkerim Al Khattabi,the symbolic leader of resistance and “Al Haraka Al Watania” the national movement of Morocco spearhead by Allal El Fassi and Mehdi Ben Barka whose one of its dream is to see Al Maghreb AL Kabeer strong and united.

Allal El Alaoui

This Song Written in 1896 by Ahmed Remoun Describing Beautifully,A Woman