Tuesday, May 05, 2009

« Basta » with killing Mehdi Ben Barka.

Basta is an Italian word meaning literally enough. Yes, i have chosen this word in purpose to title my article, because this word was almost the last word uttered by this assassinated figure and also I feel deeply angry about the neo-killings of our charismatic leader ,Mehdi Ben Barka.Indeed I have written “Our” because simply this man belongs to people and exactly to Moroccan memory . He is so loved by simple people in Morocco that some macbethian politicos still want to ‘commit crimes’ against Mehdi for the benefit of ‘some elections’ that can not even refer to Ben Barka’s unfound “tomb” let alone serve this people.

Now that so many people know the truth, the fact that Mehdi Ben Barka remains ‘Monsieur Le President’ as he was called either by Fidel Castro, Mao tsi tong, de Gaulle or even by some Palestinian friends, other political figures in Morocco dare to profane Ben Barks’s tomb using all ugly words that exist in the Moroccan politics, hoping to get rid of this name which ironically becomes eternal in the breast of every Moroccan . So, please enough with buying and selling cheap political thoughts and enough with killing people whose epitaphs can not even be found.

Mehdi Ben Barka is a popular figure in the Moroccan politics and mysteriously becomes more popular in his death. Mehdi used to belong to a political party called ‘Hizb Al Istiklal’ which has become USFP; recently made concessions with former king of Morocco, Hassan the second, to govern Morocco (see alternance). Unfortunately this party has sent its people to interior exile .I believe it has killed this man twice by nailing into Moroccan politics Machiavelian phraseology called constipated mentality. Because Moroccan press has taken the place of nearly all political parties, I will not be surprised that these same parties might do again some ‘dirty works’ to gain “Popularity” which has disappeared from the dictionary of its “fighting”.
We will not be surprised again if Mehdi Ben Barka will be killed by Mossad, CIA or other secret services whereas his family and his Moroccan people can not even trace his epitaph just to read peaceful words upon his soul .

Allal El Alaoui