Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sufism within music in Fes.

Dikher through the heart is the most exquisite and secretive way to communicate with Allah, dikher has eleven rules:

1- State of pure ritual obtained by ablution “ablution erases sin”
2- Fluffiness of praying of the two raka àt.
3- Orient oneself towards Qibla by positioning your body in a solitary place.
4- Pressing your position to the opposite one that you usually do for praying.
5- Asking Allah for forgiveness “ Astirghfirullaàh”
6- Reciting “Fatiha” one time, and Sourate Al –iklas three times.
7- Close your eyes, press your lips and tie up your tongue as if you eat it with true calmness. This act helps you to chase strange thoughts that come through your vision.
8- A spiritual act called “ Epitaph attachment “ ràbi-tatu-l-qabr- means the consideration of death : you see yourself dead, washed ,wrapped into shroud; once the death ceremony is about to finish, you see yourself taken upon a tomb ,your family and your friends are gone leaving you all alone ,then nothing can be in your side apart from your good deeds.
9- To link yourself into a spiritual direction “rà-bitatu –l – murshid” .In this act, the disciple directs his heart towards his master’s heart, and keeps his image into his consciousness, even though his master‘s absence.
10- Concentration of all body senses by orienting all your powerful perceptions to Allah
stating “you are my goal and your satisfaction is only what I ask”.
11-Waiting for the “eventual” effect called –ghaiba- “ecstatic fainting”.

For more details read “Anthology of Sufism” by Eva de Vitray-Meyerovitch.