Monday, April 13, 2009

The secret words of love.

Nessma is an Arabic word gently breathed very often by a gifted poet or Azzajal.This word derives from beautiful dunes and wild climates of silent Sahara. Arab cinema “see Chadi Abdessalem’s movies and also Moroccan movies” have not denied to mention this sweet word either uttered shamefully by a lover” see famous verses written into Malhoun by Ahmed Remoun «والعاشق قاتله حرام " "or by an orator ( see Ahmed El Maanouni’s film “Alyam, alyam ” ) .

Smart Moroccan writers like Fatima Mernissi whom I have the honor to refer to her wonderful book on love and its mystery “ l’Amour dans les pays musulmans “,has endlessly kept writing amazing books about women and men referring to their dignity to be respected ,to love and to be loved . Being myself a lover and because my readers from over the world are eager to know about Arabic culture, here in this context I mean my Moroccan one, I have republished Ibn Al Hajala’s fifty words of love because it is public and meant to be known for everybody as it is mentioned by Mernissi herself.Therefore, I think that Fatima will appreciate what I have done, the fact that I have willingly put publicity to her book within my weblog .I know things will work out very well because it is all about love and a message of love to the people who love just like our handsome writer Fatima whom I have been told that she is a great intellectual having a big heart and a lover too.

May be in Sahara,love is much stronger and mysterious than other places in the world. Lahssen Badis; a Moroccan Azzajal ; born in Errashidia which is a magical town situated in the south of Morocco, known of its huge raising sun that comes out from golden dunes, would tell us more through his craft about love ( see below the secret of words of love that inspires our Azzajal.No doubt ,native of Sahara, this has great impact on Lahssen Badis as it has on many mysterious writers like for example Antoine de Saint-Exupery whose works remain mysterious but eternal . Antoine admired too much Sahara and no doubt he was inspired to write great art through his vivid imagination .What strikes most is that Antoine and Badis have something in common ;both men have no doubt seen magical beams of light in the sky through flying because they were simply pirates .

Arab culture in general is based on poetry see classical “Souk Al Oukad” where in that time of pre-Islam, multicultural poets from all over the tribes and cities came to Mecca just to enchant and obviously to show off their brilliance of writing poetry.Poets then, stated to listeners exquisite words that affect their souls and praise hearts of Al Assiad .That is why, Azzajalin and poets enjoy to use within their art, verses of love that is eternal in the human breast. By the way, Arabic language has about fifty meanings of love in the Kamuss. Surely, Poets manipulate these rich synonyms in their works so well that no barrier; soldier nor any gate of Palaces will prevent them from penetrating.

Western cinema also refers to this word “see the dying protagonist in that movie ‘The English Patient’ written and directed by Anthony Minghella or through cinematography that describes beautifully nature of Sahara ( see Davis lean’s movie ‘Lawrence of Arabia’.However,too many western movies shot in Sahara mainly in Ouarzazate, still focus on shooting funny films that are unfortunately ideological or anti-Islam ,ignoring of course the beauty of Sahara that God has given,read Juan Goytisolo and Edward Said works .

Allal El Alaoui

Al Assiad : Lords and rich traders
Azzajal : Poet who writes poetry into slung language. Or dialect.
" والعاشق قاتله حرام it is forbidden to kill a lover.
Malhoun : dialectical verses sung in a large group see Malhoun in Andalusia and North Africa.

Kamuss: Arabic Dictionary.

Love Names in Arabic

Azzajal Lahsen Badiss