Thursday, April 30, 2009

The powerful image through Al Jazeera Channel.

A nation without memory is nothing. This is a heavy conscious thought that the people of Morocco and its government are always discussing it seriously .It is true that local journalists are in some extent feel free to use their pen to tackle touchy subjects that in older times namely during years of plumb these same journalists would think twice to write, however freedom of speech still remains an unaccomplished job that many are asking to fulfill its complete mechanism into a dynamic, awaking yet fragile country called Morocco.

Al Jazeera Channel has done it again .I mean another scoop. It is about a program called “Shahidun Ala Asser” animated by Ahmed Mansur that presents a political prisoner; Ahmed El Marzouki who has revealed to Al Jazeera viewers every detail with brilliant precision and description of hellish times that he has endured in Tazmamart; a secret prison in south-eastern Morocco at the Atlas Mountains. The program becomes very popular not only in Morocco but also in the Arab world, because it introduces people that are considered persona non grata, exilers and sometimes political opponents usually rejected by their regimes.

Ahmed El Marzouki, a special guest to “Shahidun Ala Asser”, has made controvecy in his country because he dares to tell the truth which is a will considered by his Tazmamart mates, an act of courage and honor. People of Morocco are deeply shocked by El Marzouki’s announcements and this makes civil society organize seminars, movies and debates to find a lost memory of a nation which is still looking for itself within tradition and modernism.

Allal El Alaoui