Thursday, April 09, 2009

The beginning of the death of Moroccan festivals: Teteoun film festival as an example.

Mediterranean youth are fond of cinema more than cinema-goers. No doubt, Teteoun, a beautiful Mediterranean city also called “white pigeon”, has shown through history that it is able to hold burdens of film festival which has breathed its 15th candle this year .Yet, Teteoun suffers a lot to get movies from several countries and the fact that it has scheduled Spanish cinema as special guests for the last minute, has raised many questions .This is of course a mysterious affair that only Ahmed Housni, the director of Teteoun Film Festival and his team can unfold hopefully.

Teteoun film festival has only scheduled one Moroccan movie.Housni,the director of the festival ,argues and emphasizes that the goal of the festival is to open space for Moroccan youth .He wants all countries to participate in his festival which has scheduled 80 long-featured movies and 34 film documentaries.

Too many cinema-goers wonder why Moroccan movies are rejected unrespectfully in festivals knowing of course that Moroccan people pay to realize such events. .Any way, there is something fishy as Shakespeare says .The president of the festival ,now ambassador of Morocco in Rome, ,Nabil Ben Abdellah is busy now to support Italian grief because of that ferocious earthquake that hits Italy recently . Teteoun film team seems to be nervous at first because it does not know what to do. Most film directors wants exquisite hotels and comfort and besides their copy of movies should not be lost as exactly happened in other Moroccan festivals like The International Film Festival in Salé badly organized by its spearheade, Abdellatif Assadi.

Only official media is present, but majority of free media is not welcomed let alone bloggers and cinema-goers.Budget is not sufficient and can not cover all the necessities of the festival, one local journalist states .If Teteoun film festival can not bear to invite intelligent cinema ,its film directors; producers and free media.Don’t we think that it is the beginning of the death of this festival ?

Allal El Alaoui

Entretien avec Ahmed Housni, le directeur du Festival international du cinéma méditerranéen de Tétouan