Saturday, March 07, 2009

To Casanegra or not to Casanegra.

Unfortunately because very few cinema-theatres are still closed, I have decided to watch Casanegra on DVD at home but not on silver screen cinema theatre which is a thing that I have felt sorry for .Sorry Nour-Edine.I assured you I have not hacked your movie, but somebody has given it to me raw and unfinished ‘ non-étalonné” to watch it .Apparently, your film has moved me a lot because it is one hundred percent cinematic (see Moroccan and Norway money ) this co –production has made things easier very seldom for a creator to work and that also explains why your films has reached a nice level in cinematography where you have used wild angle a lot as if to reveal your intimate love to this cosmopolitan and yet giant city called Casablanca .This movie has made brilliant box office in Casablanca itself which is quite normal through good performances of new actors such as Adil and Karim and let alone Benbrahim whose powerful presence is remarquable .But anyway, i have good news for you. I think Casanegra is an intelligent film well directed by your vivid imagination and your skillful hands.

As I have said before, although I am not a Casablanca man, I feel much moved by some beautiful dark scenes. This reminds me of German cinema, very expressive and pictures are much more in silhouette. As a film-goer I know what you wanted to say because you have started your movie all in black as if you want to tell us that this is a dark city and yet it is beautiful. I like also your characters starting with our beloved Benbrahim and of course Adil and Karim, the two boys who have been well directed by yourself.

The story is about two mates who share friendship and hardship altogether. Karim recruits children to sell cigarettes and dreams to be respected within his circle. Adil wants to go to Europe in order to find paradise and he would do anything to find a visa and go to Malmo in Suede.

I also know one thing is that Moroccan viewers would hate themselves because of the vulgarity of your style language that you have well used in your sequences of your movie .But, I think I consider your style as avant-gardist because what we have seen nearly thirty or forty years in Moroccan cinemas through out realistic European and American cinema is the same use of slung language of the street .Moroccan cinema-goers will get used to this language step by step.That is a something that I assure you to be happening very soon .So let’s go to Casanegra and see ourselves through this beautiful story written by Nour-Eddine lkhmari.

Allal El Alaoui

WRITTER/ DIRECTOR: Nour-Eddine Lakhmari (Maroc - Norway)
PRODUCERS : Ali Kettani / Dino Sebti _ SIGMA
35 mm / scope color / 126 minutes
LANGUAGE : Moroccan
MUSIC : Richard Horowitz
EDITING: Sarah Mouta
ART DIRECTION: Badria Soud Elhassani