Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A message for change to Barack Hussein Obama.

My name is Allal el Alaoui .I am a blogger and cinema-goer.My dream is to see the world united and everybody smiles again. I have written a project with the help of my colleagues and friends.

My initiative tackles a noble goal that gathers two gigantic dreaming companies, Hollywood and Bollywood, into a glittering and yet artistic night where the world enjoys a wonderful meeting between stars and super-stars, actors and actresses in order to serve global peace without referring to any geographical space nor any ethnic, religious and political status, but instead this show or event relies on the mutual respect between people and dialog of cultures.

Now, we have Barak Hussein Obama, a dynamic president who is very keen, in my opinion to change the world .May be the east and the west could be joined at least into one night when we get fervent smiles that we have lost recently. So, if you could help me to make this event come true, please do not hesitate to do so even by telling your friend, institution, or parents.

Moroccan native allal-cinemagoer, whose blog mostly discusses cinema, has a message about the arts for the candidates:
...because of the dangerous change that our world is going through especially America's values and its famous civil rights are now at stake and most important we are going to have a new president who might again intensify war around the world, I just want to say that whoever win the battle to Washington Dc to become the president of The U S A ,Hollywood should reconsider its policy [and] produce movies of great talent based on dialog , love and especially altogetherness, rather on discrimination, xenophobia, hate of Arabs etc.. .