Friday, January 02, 2009

We are all Hamas ( Part One ) .

Sequence 1 Tel Aviv -Dawn –politicians and generals- a shabby villa.

Right in Demona in Israel, near that famous nuclear station, somewhere in an isolated place, there seems a shabby villa surrounded by heavy military staff. Outside, there are soldiers with U S A tanks chatting happilly and just inside that villa, there lays an arabesque garden whose Brazilian marble and Andalusia mosaique reflect almost contemporary arts, there are also other men who seem secretive, wearing heavy black suits holding automatic pistols.

Sequence 2 – Inside that shabby villa. Two generals, a woman – two diplomats.

A large living room crowded with beautiful military accessories, right in the center, there are handsome chairs covered with expensive Moroccan leather, a table with fine Brazilian wood on which there are all sorts of alcohols.

Diplomat 1 :( fervently) we can be proud .We almost convince other Arabs to join our club.Some refuse our offer, but others love money just like our fellow Jew citizens .Some Swiss banks are delighted to get money via Te Aviv from our Arab allies.

The woman :( Ironically) .It is obvious that those Arabs hate Hamas. We understand that they worry about their political careers, but we always whisper to them through our Mossad , Shin Bet, and ambassadors that we will ,Yahueh
, protect them.

Diplomat 2: Our Arab allies feel comfortable about our offer that we have given them. But ,surprisedly,most of them insist to have British and American passports .( Laughingly)Yet,They do not have to worry, because they control their states.

The woman : (Interrupting) By coercion or fire .Their military secret services are well trained in Israel and in the states. Some of them fall in love with our regime. Sorry, about our democracy.

Diplomat 1:
that is true, but how can we erase that idea from the world consciousness that our democracy is not based on criminality. What we fight for is Israel security.

Diplomat 2: (Proudly) that is right. Any way, we made our thoughts very clear to Barack Obama via Aipac .By the way, Aipac, The Jew Americans are doing good job out there.

Sequence 3 Gaza -Dawn –a mosque- fidels - a man and his son.

Right in the center town of Gaza; there lays a minaret attached to a solid building.It is a mosque reflecting Arab pride. As soon as the Imam finishes praying, fidels head themselves to the door to go back home.

The son: Dad?
The father: Yes, son.
The son:
did you notice that today’s praying was different? Usually some people bring their mobile phones which disturb our concentration to praying.But, today our praying is different.

The father: That means that people are more convinced to pray in the name of Allah and that material things are not eternal and sacred than the face of our almighty. In fact, there is nothing blissful and special more than divinity of Allah.

As soon as, they walk away from the mosque, a bomb explodes destroying the mosque, the father,his son and the whole area in which the mosque is situated.
The sound of the bomb was indescribably so loud that the place seems completely erased .The explosion was horrible. All of a sudden, silence invade that area .After some moments , some voices began to groan .These voices are of wounded men and women miraculously saved from this terrifying bomb.

Sequence 4 Tel Aviv -Dawn –politicians and generals- a shabby villa.

The woman: Yes, We have “le feu vert” from Washington, Cairo and Saudia Arabia. Hamas should be erased from Palestine .It is an evil thing and a persona non grata. Enough is enough .The world should understand our suffering.

Diplomat 2: Targeting children and women will raise voices around the world and our democracy will become more criminal than ever. Besides, Hamas leaders are well protected outside Palestine and they are staying in expensive hotels in Iran.

Diplomat 1: We do not care. Order is given to soldiers to destroy Gaza. We have excellent political occasions now. The Arab dares not to stop supplying oil to the west, nor Gas through Algeria or even putting money into Swisss banks .What is more, UN is now helpless .The majority of UN diplomats prefer to go to expensive restaurants than talking politics. Gorges W.Bush, himself is with us. He is fighting his war against terror. It is a good excuse for him to be with us .Hamas still launches rockets .Barack Obama will himself appreciate our defense .Besides, Obama would not have to think any bad decisions concerning our war, because he is simply busy to reform his economical state.

A general: (proudfully) War is my job .I think that you were damnly late to this fucking decision. You will see, Hamas will be vanished from the Middle East. We will break its resistance. People of Israel at last will live peacefully.

Another general: As long as American taxes come right to Tel Aviv and Washington D.C support Arab dictators, we will not worry.

Everybody laughs while Al Jazeera television announces that U S A F16 planes are ,without mercy, bombing people of Gaza. A vignette of the president of Brazil suddenly appears stating that he can not believe that U N will not take serious measures to stop blood of innocent people.

Written by Allal El Alaoui