Sunday, January 18, 2009

We are all Hamas ( Part Two ).

Sequence 1 Saudi Arabia -Dawn –-The head of government of Saudi Arabia.

Outside a beautiful mosque, near Mecca, As soon as the king and his government come out from praying, a mobile phone rings .The head of government and his men armed with sophisticated mobile phones,prepare themselves to answer and everybody puts his hand mechanically to answer the phone. A small man bound fully approaches the king and whisper in fear that Cairo is calling.

The head of government: "Ahlen Raiss". It seems that Tehran wants to send us a poisonous package. The president of Iran is speaking out tomorrow.

The president of Egypt: I understand his position. No way man .Weapons can not go through Rafah.My people are everyday rioting for Gaza, but I am sorry ,I feel more responsible of that damned treaty.

The head of government: Pray Allah to be with us .By the way,I order Imams around the kingdom to pray more for us and shorten prayings for "Sahaba" peace upon them and fidels.

The president of Egypt: It won’t work. I am afraid to say that Allah has abandoned us.

The head of government: " Astarfer Allah " Do not say that. We will prevail. This is a dear expression that I have learned from Bush.

Sequence 2 – Inside a popular café in Casablanca. Morocco .Two ordinary men discuss the war on Gaza.

In a French designed café in medina somewhere in Casabalnca.Two ordinary men are watching ALjazeera television while they ,from time to time, comment on the bloody war on Gaza.

Man 1 :( fervently) I do not understand .Why do Arabs buy weapons?

Man 2:( sarcastically ) Just to paint and to repaint them early in the morning by poor military .

Man 1 : ( Laughingly) How come they abandon people of Gaza? I presume they do not have guts to help.

Man 2: that is true; Arab leaders help Israel to kill more innocent people of Gaza. You know that Israel can not launch any assault without permission of Arabs. How shameful.

The waiter interrups the conversation of those two men by putting on sound on television.Eveybody is disgusted to see children and women slaughtered monstrously by Israelis. All of a sudden,Samih al Qassim,a Palestinian poet pops up in vignette and states !

Samih al Qassim: Yes, kill children
Kill women
Destroy them
Vanish them from this pure earth
But, be careful you are marching under a sky of hell and hell
And a land of hell and hell.

Sequence 3 sharam el sheikh. Egypt -morning –Italian ,German and French president.

At the airport of sharam el sheikh, everybody seems to be in hurry even presidents and diplomats .Too many men wearing black suits with earphones,armed from toe to head have come to protect European presidents .Near the place where Egypt hosts this international summit, we hear loud voices of simple Egyptians rioting against Israel .

Voices : Long live Gaza and death to Israel.

The Italian president
( Annoyed ) I want Aida while I walk on the red carpet.

The French president: Shut.You mean glory. Do not say this word around here.Either Hamas nor Israel have won the war yet.

The German president: Please, do not say glory before Oulmert, this word is impossible to reach by his cabinet .After Sharam Shkeik; I will definitely be with him for dinner. You how much it costs Germany for that damned “Holocaust”.

The French president: Massacre of “Holocaust” is a thing happening to Palestinians now. We French people can not be hypocrite,do you know why ? because we have taught the world our "1789 French revolution" .

The Italian president
(Sarcastically) You have not taught it to the Algerian people.

The German president: Let's talk business and think of our interests.Do you know It costs a lot of money to pay Tel Aviv for Hitler's war .We are shameful to mention the word Gestapo now.We prefer to be hypocrite rather than saying to Oulmert that he wins his war against Hamas. Our secret services will do its best to prevent smuggling weapons through the sea and the land of Egypt .Any way,we are happy to know that Oulmert has stopped his war on Gaza.

The French president: : Poor Egypt.It seems miserable and weak.Jamal Abdennasser would have resigned in such situations.

The Italian president : ( Ironically ) creating constipated mentalities by our secret services have always been successful.The age of Mohammed won't come back again.

All presidents laugh proudfully while they wait for their turn to walk on the red carpet. We hear far in distance people in the street still continue to riot saying loudly that Europeans come to veil crimes and atrocities that Israel has committed against the people of Gaza .

Written by Allal El Alaoui