Thursday, January 22, 2009

We are all Hamas (Part Three)

Sequence 1 – Washington DC- Barack Obama – 2018

At the white house, Barack Obama is sitting uncomfortably in a sofa made in China.
Barack is extremely sad about some attacks complotted in congress. All of a sudden, a beautiful silhouette of a woman enters from a secretive door. She is Michel Obama, wife of the president of The United States of America.

Michel: Do not worry sweety.You have all the support of the street. The American people are great. We will come over it.

Obama: I have a dream .i have tried to give a new image of America to the world.At home, Aipac and fundamentalists wants Jerusalem in all means .

Michel: The world is fed up with blood. Justice must prevail. You have done great job. That is for sure, but they do not want to go the same way you have chosen.

Look at America now. Though our economy has boomed out .Still our dear country is bleeding. Europe has let us down as it usually does with Arabs. China has nearly taken over all our markets. We know that their dragon will make it through. The Chinese surprisedly wants to transfer UN somewhere in Tibet mountains .At least those bloody diplomats remain to work in their offices rather than finding some expensive restaurants in dangerous mountains there.

Michel :( with love and tenderness) That is my Barack Hussein Obama .I am very proud of you. You still keep your sense of humor.

Michel approaches Obama and hugs him with affection and love .Obama feels the heat of his dear wife and begins to kiss her passionately.

Sequence 2
– Jerusalem – a cyber café – two girls chatting

Girl 2 : who are you ?

Girl 1: I am a Jew girl from Sederot. I come to Jerusalem to pray Yahweh. And you?

Girl 2: My name is Somud .I am Christian from Palestine. I come to Jerusalem to pray my family destroyed in Gaza.

Girl 1: Sorry to hear that. But i also
missed my brother .He fought Hamas resistance in 2009 and he was killed.

Girl 2: Sorry to hear that too. Now It seems impossible for many to know that we will soon live in two states.

Girl 1 : After long sufferings .

Girl 2 : Nothing like the suffering of Jesus .

Girl 1 : The suffering of people of Yahweh is special.

Girl 2: What do you mean by special? The Jews kill too many prophets including our beloved Jesus.

Girl 2
: you offend me or what ?

Girl 1
: let’s talk about love …

Sequence 3 – Istanbul – Press conference - 2018

Turkey Intellectual: we support Hamas. .And I think that Israelis have committed crimes against Palestians.Yet; Hamas should have a cultural project in Palestine now that all political parties has been united.

Moroccan Intellectual: they should not ban cinema like GIA has done in Algeria. Moroccan voters boycott elections for that reason. look at our streets now. They are full of army and tanks. Political parties can not think of a cultural program for the sake of the nation.

Jewish Intellectual: Every body is fighting in the name of God. Bush has fought his war in the name of God. Ben Laden does the same thing in the name of Allah. Hezbollah is fighting Israel in the name of Allah too. Israel is fighting because it believes that it is a people of God. And our world is a tale told by an idiot .

Turkey Intellectual: ( laughingly) The idiot of Dostoyevsky.

Written by Allal El Alaoui.