Thursday, January 22, 2009

Free souls in America sing for Gaza

WE WILL NOT GO DOWN (Song for Gaza)
(Composed by Michael Heart)
Copyright 2009

A blinding flash of white light
Lit up the sky over Gaza tonight
People running for cover
Not knowing whether they’re dead or alive

They came with their tanks and their planes
With ravaging fiery flames
And nothing remains
Just a voice rising up in the smoky haze

We will not go down
In the night, without a fight
You can burn up our mosques and our homes and our schools
But our spirit will never die
We will not go down
In Gaza tonight

Women and children alike
Murdered and massacred night after night
While the so-called leaders of countries afar
Debated on who’s wrong or right

But their powerless words were in vain
And the bombs fell down like acid rain
But through the tears and the blood and the pain
You can still hear that voice through the smoky haze

We will not go down

In the night, without a fight
You can burn up our mosques and our homes and our schools
But our spirit will never die
We will not go down
In Gaza tonight

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We are all Hamas (Part Three)

Sequence 1 – Washington DC- Barack Obama – 2018

At the white house, Barack Obama is sitting uncomfortably in a sofa made in China.
Barack is extremely sad about some attacks complotted in congress. All of a sudden, a beautiful silhouette of a woman enters from a secretive door. She is Michel Obama, wife of the president of The United States of America.

Michel: Do not worry sweety.You have all the support of the street. The American people are great. We will come over it.

Obama: I have a dream .i have tried to give a new image of America to the world.At home, Aipac and fundamentalists wants Jerusalem in all means .

Michel: The world is fed up with blood. Justice must prevail. You have done great job. That is for sure, but they do not want to go the same way you have chosen.

Look at America now. Though our economy has boomed out .Still our dear country is bleeding. Europe has let us down as it usually does with Arabs. China has nearly taken over all our markets. We know that their dragon will make it through. The Chinese surprisedly wants to transfer UN somewhere in Tibet mountains .At least those bloody diplomats remain to work in their offices rather than finding some expensive restaurants in dangerous mountains there.

Michel :( with love and tenderness) That is my Barack Hussein Obama .I am very proud of you. You still keep your sense of humor.

Michel approaches Obama and hugs him with affection and love .Obama feels the heat of his dear wife and begins to kiss her passionately.

Sequence 2
– Jerusalem – a cyber café – two girls chatting

Girl 2 : who are you ?

Girl 1: I am a Jew girl from Sederot. I come to Jerusalem to pray Yahweh. And you?

Girl 2: My name is Somud .I am Christian from Palestine. I come to Jerusalem to pray my family destroyed in Gaza.

Girl 1: Sorry to hear that. But i also
missed my brother .He fought Hamas resistance in 2009 and he was killed.

Girl 2: Sorry to hear that too. Now It seems impossible for many to know that we will soon live in two states.

Girl 1 : After long sufferings .

Girl 2 : Nothing like the suffering of Jesus .

Girl 1 : The suffering of people of Yahweh is special.

Girl 2: What do you mean by special? The Jews kill too many prophets including our beloved Jesus.

Girl 2
: you offend me or what ?

Girl 1
: let’s talk about love …

Sequence 3 – Istanbul – Press conference - 2018

Turkey Intellectual: we support Hamas. .And I think that Israelis have committed crimes against Palestians.Yet; Hamas should have a cultural project in Palestine now that all political parties has been united.

Moroccan Intellectual: they should not ban cinema like GIA has done in Algeria. Moroccan voters boycott elections for that reason. look at our streets now. They are full of army and tanks. Political parties can not think of a cultural program for the sake of the nation.

Jewish Intellectual: Every body is fighting in the name of God. Bush has fought his war in the name of God. Ben Laden does the same thing in the name of Allah. Hezbollah is fighting Israel in the name of Allah too. Israel is fighting because it believes that it is a people of God. And our world is a tale told by an idiot .

Turkey Intellectual: ( laughingly) The idiot of Dostoyevsky.

Written by Allal El Alaoui.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

We are all Hamas ( Part Two ).

Sequence 1 Saudi Arabia -Dawn –-The head of government of Saudi Arabia.

Outside a beautiful mosque, near Mecca, As soon as the king and his government come out from praying, a mobile phone rings .The head of government and his men armed with sophisticated mobile phones,prepare themselves to answer and everybody puts his hand mechanically to answer the phone. A small man bound fully approaches the king and whisper in fear that Cairo is calling.

The head of government: "Ahlen Raiss". It seems that Tehran wants to send us a poisonous package. The president of Iran is speaking out tomorrow.

The president of Egypt: I understand his position. No way man .Weapons can not go through Rafah.My people are everyday rioting for Gaza, but I am sorry ,I feel more responsible of that damned treaty.

The head of government: Pray Allah to be with us .By the way,I order Imams around the kingdom to pray more for us and shorten prayings for "Sahaba" peace upon them and fidels.

The president of Egypt: It won’t work. I am afraid to say that Allah has abandoned us.

The head of government: " Astarfer Allah " Do not say that. We will prevail. This is a dear expression that I have learned from Bush.

Sequence 2 – Inside a popular café in Casablanca. Morocco .Two ordinary men discuss the war on Gaza.

In a French designed café in medina somewhere in Casabalnca.Two ordinary men are watching ALjazeera television while they ,from time to time, comment on the bloody war on Gaza.

Man 1 :( fervently) I do not understand .Why do Arabs buy weapons?

Man 2:( sarcastically ) Just to paint and to repaint them early in the morning by poor military .

Man 1 : ( Laughingly) How come they abandon people of Gaza? I presume they do not have guts to help.

Man 2: that is true; Arab leaders help Israel to kill more innocent people of Gaza. You know that Israel can not launch any assault without permission of Arabs. How shameful.

The waiter interrups the conversation of those two men by putting on sound on television.Eveybody is disgusted to see children and women slaughtered monstrously by Israelis. All of a sudden,Samih al Qassim,a Palestinian poet pops up in vignette and states !

Samih al Qassim: Yes, kill children
Kill women
Destroy them
Vanish them from this pure earth
But, be careful you are marching under a sky of hell and hell
And a land of hell and hell.

Sequence 3 sharam el sheikh. Egypt -morning –Italian ,German and French president.

At the airport of sharam el sheikh, everybody seems to be in hurry even presidents and diplomats .Too many men wearing black suits with earphones,armed from toe to head have come to protect European presidents .Near the place where Egypt hosts this international summit, we hear loud voices of simple Egyptians rioting against Israel .

Voices : Long live Gaza and death to Israel.

The Italian president
( Annoyed ) I want Aida while I walk on the red carpet.

The French president: Shut.You mean glory. Do not say this word around here.Either Hamas nor Israel have won the war yet.

The German president: Please, do not say glory before Oulmert, this word is impossible to reach by his cabinet .After Sharam Shkeik; I will definitely be with him for dinner. You how much it costs Germany for that damned “Holocaust”.

The French president: Massacre of “Holocaust” is a thing happening to Palestinians now. We French people can not be hypocrite,do you know why ? because we have taught the world our "1789 French revolution" .

The Italian president
(Sarcastically) You have not taught it to the Algerian people.

The German president: Let's talk business and think of our interests.Do you know It costs a lot of money to pay Tel Aviv for Hitler's war .We are shameful to mention the word Gestapo now.We prefer to be hypocrite rather than saying to Oulmert that he wins his war against Hamas. Our secret services will do its best to prevent smuggling weapons through the sea and the land of Egypt .Any way,we are happy to know that Oulmert has stopped his war on Gaza.

The French president: : Poor Egypt.It seems miserable and weak.Jamal Abdennasser would have resigned in such situations.

The Italian president : ( Ironically ) creating constipated mentalities by our secret services have always been successful.The age of Mohammed won't come back again.

All presidents laugh proudfully while they wait for their turn to walk on the red carpet. We hear far in distance people in the street still continue to riot saying loudly that Europeans come to veil crimes and atrocities that Israel has committed against the people of Gaza .

Written by Allal El Alaoui

Friday, January 02, 2009

We are all Hamas ( Part One ) .

Sequence 1 Tel Aviv -Dawn –politicians and generals- a shabby villa.

Right in Demona in Israel, near that famous nuclear station, somewhere in an isolated place, there seems a shabby villa surrounded by heavy military staff. Outside, there are soldiers with U S A tanks chatting happilly and just inside that villa, there lays an arabesque garden whose Brazilian marble and Andalusia mosaique reflect almost contemporary arts, there are also other men who seem secretive, wearing heavy black suits holding automatic pistols.

Sequence 2 – Inside that shabby villa. Two generals, a woman – two diplomats.

A large living room crowded with beautiful military accessories, right in the center, there are handsome chairs covered with expensive Moroccan leather, a table with fine Brazilian wood on which there are all sorts of alcohols.

Diplomat 1 :( fervently) we can be proud .We almost convince other Arabs to join our club.Some refuse our offer, but others love money just like our fellow Jew citizens .Some Swiss banks are delighted to get money via Te Aviv from our Arab allies.

The woman :( Ironically) .It is obvious that those Arabs hate Hamas. We understand that they worry about their political careers, but we always whisper to them through our Mossad , Shin Bet, and ambassadors that we will ,Yahueh
, protect them.

Diplomat 2: Our Arab allies feel comfortable about our offer that we have given them. But ,surprisedly,most of them insist to have British and American passports .( Laughingly)Yet,They do not have to worry, because they control their states.

The woman : (Interrupting) By coercion or fire .Their military secret services are well trained in Israel and in the states. Some of them fall in love with our regime. Sorry, about our democracy.

Diplomat 1:
that is true, but how can we erase that idea from the world consciousness that our democracy is not based on criminality. What we fight for is Israel security.

Diplomat 2: (Proudly) that is right. Any way, we made our thoughts very clear to Barack Obama via Aipac .By the way, Aipac, The Jew Americans are doing good job out there.

Sequence 3 Gaza -Dawn –a mosque- fidels - a man and his son.

Right in the center town of Gaza; there lays a minaret attached to a solid building.It is a mosque reflecting Arab pride. As soon as the Imam finishes praying, fidels head themselves to the door to go back home.

The son: Dad?
The father: Yes, son.
The son:
did you notice that today’s praying was different? Usually some people bring their mobile phones which disturb our concentration to praying.But, today our praying is different.

The father: That means that people are more convinced to pray in the name of Allah and that material things are not eternal and sacred than the face of our almighty. In fact, there is nothing blissful and special more than divinity of Allah.

As soon as, they walk away from the mosque, a bomb explodes destroying the mosque, the father,his son and the whole area in which the mosque is situated.
The sound of the bomb was indescribably so loud that the place seems completely erased .The explosion was horrible. All of a sudden, silence invade that area .After some moments , some voices began to groan .These voices are of wounded men and women miraculously saved from this terrifying bomb.

Sequence 4 Tel Aviv -Dawn –politicians and generals- a shabby villa.

The woman: Yes, We have “le feu vert” from Washington, Cairo and Saudia Arabia. Hamas should be erased from Palestine .It is an evil thing and a persona non grata. Enough is enough .The world should understand our suffering.

Diplomat 2: Targeting children and women will raise voices around the world and our democracy will become more criminal than ever. Besides, Hamas leaders are well protected outside Palestine and they are staying in expensive hotels in Iran.

Diplomat 1: We do not care. Order is given to soldiers to destroy Gaza. We have excellent political occasions now. The Arab dares not to stop supplying oil to the west, nor Gas through Algeria or even putting money into Swisss banks .What is more, UN is now helpless .The majority of UN diplomats prefer to go to expensive restaurants than talking politics. Gorges W.Bush, himself is with us. He is fighting his war against terror. It is a good excuse for him to be with us .Hamas still launches rockets .Barack Obama will himself appreciate our defense .Besides, Obama would not have to think any bad decisions concerning our war, because he is simply busy to reform his economical state.

A general: (proudfully) War is my job .I think that you were damnly late to this fucking decision. You will see, Hamas will be vanished from the Middle East. We will break its resistance. People of Israel at last will live peacefully.

Another general: As long as American taxes come right to Tel Aviv and Washington D.C support Arab dictators, we will not worry.

Everybody laughs while Al Jazeera television announces that U S A F16 planes are ,without mercy, bombing people of Gaza. A vignette of the president of Brazil suddenly appears stating that he can not believe that U N will not take serious measures to stop blood of innocent people.

Written by Allal El Alaoui