Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Marrakech in laughter but without Ahmed Snoussi

Marrakech is becoming international .That is sure .Today is the humain rights day and millioms of people around the globe are celebrating it wih pride and joy namely people in jail either of their thoughts or something else.Yet,Marrakech decides to become more cosmopolitan than ever by seducing again people from the world and is keen to make Marrakechis and the world in laughter without having negative thoughts stated by Shakespear,too much ado about nothing . Unfortunately , we were sad to know that the Moroccan icon of humour is not well invited. it is about Ahmed Snoussi known as Bziz.

Bziz is feared by many because of his truthful word and his political satire unlike Said Naciri whose humour is more social and pro-governement but funny enough to make Marrakech laugh.Too many humorists of Morocco are surprisedly ignored by the festival stating forexample El Khiyari ,Abderraouf, Fahid and so forth...

So, The International Festival of Laughter has started with its godfather; Said Nacirri proudly named by Foad Khairi ,a journalist and animator of his festival .Both men have eventually succeeded to make us laugh by bringing from abroad young talented people supported magnificently by Ismail ,a french born Algerian who said brilliant things on laughter.Arabs and Berbers living in France must not forget Ismail,because he was simply the pionner to tell the western world that the Arabs are humain and creative .They can suffer ,laugh, make love,die like anybody else and a merry heart doeth good like a medicine;but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

Allal El Alaoui