Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Mafia in cinema and movies.

Too many Moroccan film-makers still wait the moment to realize movies dealing with Mafia.This word derives from Italy and it is not really confirmed to exist in Morooco despite the keeeness of free-lance journalists stating that Morocco has itself Mafia-like people controling finance,politics and military.

Mafia exists welll in Italy.it becomes a common word and for so many, Mafia is dangerous to democracy just the case of Roberto Savianoa ,writer of a famous book called Gomorra screened by Matteo Garrone .Roberto Savianoa is now in full controll of police surveillance and he is not to appear in mercato italiano or to go simply to the cinema.Unlike some directors ,writers and actors in Hollywood supported by Mafia in America,Roberto is becoming a persona non grata as far as mafia is concerned.Italian govenement is embarrassed by the full invasion of Mafia in every sector financially,economically and politically .

Moroccan people does not have to be scared of Mafia because simply we do not have democracy and freedom of speech still bizarre words to the Moroccan Intelligencia whereas Italians ,they do not sleep these days ,because their true democratic institutions are at risk .Because we want to see Morocco and Italy altogether very democratic,we fully support those who fight for democracy and freedom of speech especially Roberto Savianoa.

Allal El Alaoui

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