Wednesday, December 17, 2008

George W “Shoes” wakens up a shoe Intifada.

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Muntadar Zaidi becomes an Arab hero with his surprising shoe shooting at George W Bush ,the most powerful president of the world .Millions of internet - goers around the world through youtube comment on this affair by stating that Muntadar was as good as that courageous pilot who flew from east to west during the cold war for the sake of peace . Muntadar Zaidi has dared to throw his shoes at the president because he thought that Bush was the cause of humiliating his country;Iraq and also he this latter,according to the Arab street, committed war crimes against innocent Muslims .However, too many international and Arab journalists disagree about this historic event made by Muntader .

MP members in Syria have fully supported Muntadar Zaidi and also the United Arab lawyers who confirm that they will defend Muntadar Zaidi with all their means. The Islamic world has been betrayed by Washington administration in the name of inserting democracy in thier states ,but on the contrary we see only The U S A government support Arab dictatorial regimes for the sake of interests .According to a middle eastern journalist,these dictatorial regimes will soon fall down by a gentle Intifada of throwing shoes .

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