Sunday, November 23, 2008

Public image wisely manipulated by artists .

Does public image exist in Morocco ? it is a question that media artists should ask themselves very often,because it is surely a tool that does a good thing to them.In same ways ,it is like taking an aspirine after suffering from a heavy headache .

Public image is well manipulated in America .May be the word derives from Hollywood Boulevards or from broadway theatre agents .However, to talk about public image in Morocco,one thinks immediately about our beloved artists.We surely like Amal Ayouch,Ahmed Snoussi despite of being rejected by current regime,Said Naciri,Mohamed El Khayari,Eddaasoukine and others .But, do these artists appreciate this word and know its impact in society ? Yes, personally ,I think they do . I remember when Mustapfa Eddasoukine was seriously ill, he was succeful and convincing to manipulate 2M ,and in indeed he made it; knowing that he was indeed ill, but he successfully manipulated media to pass his message knowing that in the past there was no professsional card to hold to help artists for heath care and social coverings .

Do we have rich actors to become philanthropists ? Yes, i think we have rich actors but not philanthopits,i doubt it .I never heard that any actor donates his or her money for the poor like they do in America.In civil society in Morocco it is that actors go around to visit the ill, the needy and homelesss but never give money .It is may be a culture that we will see getting popular very soon in Morocco,the fact that actors become philanthropists .I think public image is related to help people by donating money or opening up horizens of hope .

In America , "Brangelina," stands for the famous Hollywood couple ,Angelina Jolie and her husband Brad Pitt .Both actors have become a true icon of philanthropy.They give in the right and in the left and stand up for the needy .Despite of having full support of media,Jolie Angelina, the Oscar winner and former Hollywood eccentric, United Nations good will ambassador and mother of six, relies on herself to make her own public image.At home,we surely have smart actors and actresses,but for the sake of public image; please use your imagination of giving money to the poor and profit from charity journalistic input,you might lat last have brilliant public image in your society.

Written Allal El Alaoui