Sunday, November 02, 2008

Hollywood of Barack Obama or John McCain

In my weblog allal-cinemagoer,I usually tackle subjects of Moroccan cinema and its artists in general.However,because of the dangerous change that our world is going through especially America’s values and its famous civil rights are now at stake and most important we are going to have a new president who might again intensify war around the world, I just want to say that whoever win the battle to Washington Dc to become the president of The U S A ,Hollywood should reconsider its policy to produce movies of great talent based on dialog , love and especially altogetherness rather on discrimination,xenophobia,hate of Arabs,blacks,Hispanic,women,homosexuals etc.. .

Instead, as I have written before that Bollywood can easily now take over hearts of millions and its box office will no doubt boom out because of the coming decadence of Hollywood. Now that Hollywood remakes Bollywood and vice versa, Hollywood does not have to follow Washington policy that it has just been rejected by many rather it should be free and independent of Mafia-like people either from the influence of extremist Jews or fundamentalist republicans who help ironically “Iranians to become a huge Shiite satellite on Arabs and its petrodollars», states a historian, but instead Hollywood can make us again dream as it has already done during the McCarty’s era, the forties, fifties and sixties.

Of course, Persian cinema is doing well too with the rise of its beautiful movies of Abbas Kiarostami,Mohsen Makhmalbaf and Dariush Mehrjui.May be a sudden Persianwood might itself take over the market of movies which is a good thing for competence and art craft.Yet,still the keys of power are still in the hand of Americans that we implore not to abuse this kind of power, and beg instead our beloved ,soft America kindly to vote for a smart president whose ideas are for change ,peace, dialog and above all, a man who urges us to enjoy that kind of fervour of life and especially to have that great sensation to go to cinema-theatres to watch a human cinema .

Written by Allal El ALaoui