Sunday, November 16, 2008

FIFM is a big cultural project,says Ghita El Khayat .

You are an anthropologist, a psychoanalyst and a member of the festival jury .What is really your task ?

Ghita El Khayat : I am here to wear the hat of the anthropologist and also the psychoanalyst.. I am a writer ;i write fiction and i have geat affinity with the world of media.That is to say, i am here only for that reason. I am always here ever since this festival has started ;knowing that i belong to the council administration of the foundation where i also observe its evolution,.This festival represents a big cultural project.It is an opportunity to see the world through Marrakech.In the jury, we represent 9 different nationalities. That means this festival put the world in equilibrium as far as culture is concerned .We are probably going to have animated critieria to choose what is the best movie which means that this festival is a good sign and much more healthy.

What criteria are you going to have about films in this competition ?

Ghita El Khayat : A jury judges whether a director or a commedian is a genius. Personnaly, i will judge the power of the actor, apparently as far psychology is concerned .When an actor performs badly ,the result is quite clear .i will judge the esthetic quality , the colour, the image, knowing also i paint myself;the lighting.There are also subjects that are daily. It is extremely interesting today to see how directors highlight what is going on in order to have guts and courage to screen what they see ...

Marrakech : Myriam Ezzakhrajy
Translated by Allal El Alaoui